Garden Veggies

Garden Veggies
Made into tile for my stove backsplash

Portland Rose Garden

Portland Rose Garden
Mike and my 2 youngest sons Ian and Leif

Grandson Michael's Birthday 2014 throwing water balloons

Grandson Michael's Birthday 2014 throwing water balloons
With son Beau, Grandson Luke and his mom Jennifer


I cut this out of a wedding line. I must take more pictures of her.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012


This is a wonderfully cool and refreshing summer dish perfect for using a small piece of leftover salmon.  It is good with crackers as an appetizer or by itself as a salad.  I have had this recipe for years and want to make it if I have some leftover Salmon.  I often do the lighter version if I plan on mostly eating it myself, the richer version for company. 

Salmon Mousse

1 C. cold water
1 pkg. Gelatin (1 T)
1 C. mayonnaise (you can use light if you’re counting calories or I often make it with 1 ½ C. water and ½ C. mayo for a lighter version)
2 C. broiled salmon flaked or other flaky fish
1 C. minced celery
1 C. chopped peeled English cucumber
2 T. fresh dill or 1 T.  Dried (I use the freeze dried)
1 T. fresh lemon juice
½  tsp. Sea salt
¼ tsp. Pepper

Sprinkle the gelatin over the cold water.  Heat in microwave until hot.  Stir until gelatin is dissolved.   Add the dill here.   Cool until it barely starts to thicken.  Add the mayonnaise and then the remaining ingredients and stir well. (Add the Salmon last and let it be in chunks not shreds)  Pour into oiled mold or spray with Pam.  Chill for about 3 hours.  Unmold by submerging the mold in very hot water for 30 seconds or so.  Serve with crackers or on a lettuce leaf as a salad.