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Garden Veggies
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Portland Rose Garden
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Grandson Michael's Birthday 2014 throwing water balloons

Grandson Michael's Birthday 2014 throwing water balloons
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Wednesday, July 2, 2008


We know many things spiritually. We believe many things intellectually but mostly we think that miracles are something that happen to other people. Over 2 years ago with tears streaming and heart aching I left the temple on a Friday afternoon fasting. In the car on the way home I cried out " I need a miracle." I had spent 15 plus years going to the temple weekly often fasting. Mostly I prayed to be "filled with love." –that I could make a difference in the lives of my family by showing them more love. I have a deep respect for agency. I am not sure how it happened that not one of my children was going to church, including my returned missionary. I believe in Jesus Christ and his plan of happiness. I have felt so often like Lehi at the tree of life wanting my children to taste the sweetness. But in the end I understand that they have choice. They are good people doing many good things and I know that nothing but love will show them the light and maybe some miracles in God’s time and way.

Two months later my miracle began to unfold. Maren called me to say she was going back to church. Her spiritual odyssey has been written. I will share it sometime. Last night, a little more than 2 years later, I was her escort as she was endowed in the Bountiful Temple—the temple with the 4 winged vases. There was a little miracle that happened in the temple last night that I can’t talk about but it helped me to understand that God knows me. I also know that he loves Maren and is guiding her life. I see wings and I have hope.

WINGS OF HOPEWritten by Charmaine Anderson – April 2004
It is morning.
I resurrect from sleep.
I put on my walking shoes and close the door.
I walk toward the rising sun of golden outstretched arms.
I think of the Son whose light warms my soul.
I climb the dusty path in solitude and
I know why Jesus went alone in the hills to walk and pray.
I do the same with a pleading heart in His name.
I sing the songs of Zion
I rehearse memorized scriptures that give me hope and joy.
I have an open heart and mind.
I am willing to be taught.
I see a Hawk’s nest on a pole high on the path.
I see the mother’s head as she warms the eggs of her
anticipated chicks.
I am a mother too.
I feel akin to her.
I long to see the baby birds, and one day
I see two little heads above the nest; but now
I hope to see them fly.
I have chicks. Will they fly?
I walk the path in a pleading prayer this day for my chicks.
I spy the young bird perched on the edge of the nest.
I look up and it soars through the blue sky strong and sure.
I cry and cheer and raise my arms in excitement.
I know my chicks will fly too.
I have a witness from the Son on this beautiful morning.

Be merciful unto me O God
Be merciful unto me.
For My soul trusteth in thee
Yea in the shadow of thy Wings
Will I make my refuge,
Until these calamities be overpast. Psalms 57:1

I see Wings now and
I have hope.
I go to the temple fasting for my chicks.

How often would I have gathered
Thy children together
As a hen doth gather her brood under her Wings
And ye would not. Luke 13:34

I go through the veil and hear comforting promises.
I sit with bowed head in the Celestial room.
I raise my eyes to see Wings.
I view four large brown glass vases enfolded in Wings.
I have four children. The Son spoke again.

He shall cover thee with His feathers.
And under his Wings shalt thou trust. Psalms 91:4

I fly on man made Wings to another temple – San Diego.
I discover in the Celestial room winged vases.
I am amazed--they are exact copies, only clear.
I am one; my eternal mate is the other.
I have a complete picture of hope for my family.

The Sun of righteousness arise with healing in his Wings – Malachi 4:2

I see Wings and
I feel His Love.


Marian said...

I am so happy for you and for Maren. What joy it is to see our children find the Lord. Thank you for sharing and writing such a beautiful poem to express your feelings and my feelings too. I too have had experiences and continue to do so of pleading with the Lord for my children that they too may feel Christ's love, to feel His atonement in their lives. I remember Maren well. Such a talented and beautiful girl, she was in my Sunday School class when she began slipping away. I could not reach her. How beautiful it is to see that the Lord allowed her her (and us our) free agency but strectched out his arm to bring her back under His protecting wing. The love of the Lord has such a sweet taste.
Trust in the Lord.

TnD said...

I love that the Lord hears the prayers of mothers so particularly. I know that my own mother's prayers have brought me to people and places that I would have never encountered otherwise. Your children are so blessed to have you.

Alicia said...

How wonderful for Maren. I am sure that she knows her journey and enlightenment is just beginning. You have certainly earned this miracle in your life as you have dedicated yourself to the gospel and to temple attendance yourself. Maren is a beautiful girl and she will find comfort and peace as she continues to attend and understand the temple endowment. Please let her know how thrilled our family is for her. Thanks for sharing and I will look forward to more updates.