Garden Veggies

Garden Veggies
Made into tile for my stove backsplash

Portland Rose Garden

Portland Rose Garden
Mike and my 2 youngest sons Ian and Leif

Grandson Michael's Birthday 2014 throwing water balloons

Grandson Michael's Birthday 2014 throwing water balloons
With son Beau, Grandson Luke and his mom Jennifer


I cut this out of a wedding line. I must take more pictures of her.

Friday, November 12, 2010


I never dreamed of Paris, not even in the days of Jr. High when I kicked my legs and flipped my petticoats dancing the can can on the stage of the old Wellington school. I had other more practical wishes, like seeing Salt Lake City.

But here I am in Paris with its romance and history. The girl with freckles from Wellington Utah is walking the streets of Paris on a mild October Sunday. The sun and my beloved travel with me on this day of happy surprises.

Arrived yesterday afternoon
Ate Pizza for dinner, not very Parisian but close to our room
Spent the evening floating down the Seine with all the glowing lights
Past the Eiffel Tower, effusive glittering for 10 minutes on the hour.
Strolling the Seine with the other lovers before the evening ends.

Cool Sunday morning
Could have worn my coat but before long am doing fine in a sweater.
Fun old statue of women in the park by our room
The hop on hop off bus getting an overview of the eye popping sites
The Arc de Triomphe, Champs Elysee, the Eiffel Tower in morning mist

The black beret, bought at the Tower overlook
Worn by Mike and later by me to keep my head warm atop the open-air bus
Giant crepes with Nutella or squeezed lemon and sugar...delicieux!

Notre Dame Cathedral,
Mass in progress, lovely organ music with choir, stained glass splendor.
In front of the Cathedral
Dozens of birds in low growing shrubs waiting to eat from the hands of children
The sweetest thing ever.

Paris Marathon
Hundreds of colorful runners pressed together coming up the bridge
Bikers, old young and in-between, some in costume
Feelings of fun and friends enjoying the day, making their own parade.
A wedding on the banks of the Seine

Couscous restaurant under the basement steps
The best gelato yet, scooped out in flower form
The metro to Sacre-Coeur
"Bravo" and clapping from a young Parisian woman because this old woman
Sprinted up a swirl of many steps without stopping or collapsing even though I wanted to do both.

Artists on the hilltop of Sacre-Coeur, some very good, some drawing portraits.
A gallery with wavy clocks by Salvidor Dali
So many people crowded together enjoying the day and street music

Overlooking Paris from the church steps on the hill as the afternoon winds to a close.
Flower shop, glowing with colorful light as the sun diminishes
Photo of a child with an armload of flowers...hope it’s paintable

Saying goodbye to Paris
Champs Elysee, this time in evening glow
One last look at the Eiffel tower up close
Accordion music floating through the train
A young mother standing with a baby asleep in her arms
A coin dropped in a cup
Our musical send off
Not a dream come true but a day to remember with joy
Au revoir Paris.

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